Now THAT'S Weird

Now THAT'S Weird began life as an online radio show in 2005 and ran for five years, eventually becoming syndicated around the world with a massive weekly audience.


In 2007/8 the show was picked up by Edge Media TV who approached us to make 6 x 1 hour programmes for their network on Sky channel 200. Our 'live special' with David Icke broke their viewing record at the time! The show is still being repeated, and a second series may be possible if we can attract a suitable sponsor to cover production and airtime costs. (E-mail us for details)


The concept of the show was to feature new guests each week talking about all kinds of subjects that fell outside of the 'norm' and to give them the liberty to talk about their experiences and research without ridicule or sceptical challenge by the presenter.


Now THAT'S Weird is proud to have spawned many other shows that were inspired by this ground-breaking format, and at a large UFO conference in Nevada a few years ago, a well known radio presenter who now presents a similar show told Ross Hemsworth "your show was my inspiration, and it was only after becoming a regular listener that I decided to set-up my own show here in the USA"


Now THAT'S Weird was always ahead of its time, and perhaps any new series should be called Now THAT'S Normal!!


Ross is currently taking a break from radio and TV to concentrate on his music, but who knows what the future holds?